Thursday, 17 July 2014

will 2016 be the last x-factor?

just wondering if this will be the last x factor auditions when the 2016 x factor rolls around, that is how far the contract for x factor in the uk and some other countries stretches to, x factor is in contract with itv in the uk until 2016,
and then what?, i think the popularity of the x factor over the next few years will really have to jump for the show to continue, simon cowell is going to have to work miracles with the show over the next few years to keep it going longer then after 2016.

i think if you are thinking of applying and auditioning for the x factor, you need to really go for it within the time frame of the next 3 years, because after that it is unknown if itv tv will renew the contract, simon cowell did well to get the contract extended 3 years as it is, after that, they will need really good viewing figures i would think to keep things as they are, and get the contract renewed for some more years.

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