Thursday, 30 October 2014

adele to judge the x factor uk auditions and live shows?

so one story this year is that adele is to judge the x factor uk 2016 auditions and live shows?, to be noted though these are newspaper claims and how accurate do they turn out to be?, a lot of the time not so accurate, so the report claims that she would join sometime in 2016 after she has finished working on her new album.

and also that adele was one of the first choices of judges simon cowell was looking for when he returned back to the x factor uk this year.

Saturday, 18 October 2014

can just anyone win the x factor singing competition or other singing talent shows?

x factor 2016 auditions can just anyone win the x factor singing competition?.

so i am not 100% sure either way about this, in the past when the x factor first started some 10 years ago, i think just about anyone had a chance to win, it was all just down to talent, but now, how do we know, that it is still just the case, you would think the best should still win, but who knows.

though either way that is no reason not to apply and try out if you are a really good singer and think you have a chance then you should still give it a go.