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The X Factor 2016 Auditions Ideas a guide on how to be better at auditions for beginners

The X Factor 2016 Auditions Ideas, i thought it helpful to post a how to audition guide, because not everyone is a expert (me included) and if it is your first time applying and auditioning you might have a lot of questions and doubts, so this guide might help cover some of those questions with some of these tips and ideas on what the judges will be looking for, because of course one of the most important things to be doing when auditioning is trying to fit there mold of what they are looking for.

At the end of the day you need to be what the x factor judges are looking for and so this is what you want to emulate, not what you think you want to be, but more like current trends and styles that the judges favor, one way to work this out is to watch previous audition videos to see the type of acts judges like cowell and cheryl choose the most.

So to start with as well you are basically looking to improve on what you already have with your talents, so just think of your practice as honing your skills, and adding the finishing touches to what you have, as to improve your chances of getting through the various audition stages/rounds, which there are a few to make it through to the judges audition stages.

so if you want to be a singer and you have good potential, you still need to practice before hand to get your audition songs like second nature to you, there are many who audition for the x factor who are brilliant singers with lots of potential, yet, they do not get through because they fluff there lines etc, whereas singers not quite as technically good make it through because they do not make any mistakes.

so one of the most important parts of preparing for your x factor 2016 audition is to have practiced the audition songs you are going to use so that they are no problem for you, and you will not have to worry about forgetting the words, and this will make your performance much much better as a result you will be more confident.

because this kind of attention to detail does improve your confidence, because if you do not have to worry that you might forget your lines, then you have a lot more confidence available to you, and that doubt is alleviated out of your consciousness, which in turn makes your singing much more relaxed as a result.

so this is all about having your preparation done in advance, before you audition before the judges, to make the audition easier all round, you will have practiced all your songs until they are very natural to you, then if this is done, you can be confident for your audition, things will all flow much more smoothly and you will be prepared and in control.

so the next part is to choose and prepare in advance how you will present yourself when you go to audition, so this is about, what you will wear and how you will look for your actual audition, so these are the 2 main things to have sorted out before auditioning for the x factor 2016, have all your songs practiced, and your appearance refined, as to appear, clean presentable before the judges when you audition, this is what they are looking for your attention to detail.

it is not down to what fashion trends we might like ourselves, because the x factor judges are biased, and the auditions that do the best are people who appear clean and presentable on there audition day, without too much wild style, the judges on the x factor whether it be the x factor uk or the x factor usa, really do favor the prople who appear the most presentable and have a clean style, because they are looking for someone they can mold and manage to there own modern tastes of pop music trends, the current trends for the most part of the last few years.

this also goes back to your song choices, because the judges are looking for someone who is relevant and up to date, you know the words they say when the auditions happen, like he or she is relevant, and so you should have at least some relevant modern style chart songs in your list of chosen songs that you have practiced.

because you want to be as relevant as you can, if you are to impress the judges this is the sort of things they look for, its not always what you think is hip that is important, but trying to tailor your style to what the judges are going to think is hip, they are the ones you are looking to impress, so it is important to keep this in mind when choosing what you are going to sing, and also how you will appear with the clothes and make up you choose to wear to your audition.

the sort of things the judges look for on the x factor are, that you are confident, they know you will be nervous so do not worry about that, but they look to see that you have some confidence, they also make a thing about peoples attitudes as well when they audition like, he or she has a nice attitude.

they do not just judge you on your singing abilities either, but the whole package you present, so they will be looking at that sometimes as much as how well you sing, it is no good being a amazing singer, yet not getting through, because the judges did not like your presentation.

one option is to look back through old videos of successful x factor auditions, to see what it was that made them good, what was the whole package that they presented from singing to there overall presentation, to see what makes the judges tick.

yes the judges look for individuality as well, but, you have not got to be so individual that they think you are not then marketable, so you need to some individuality but as well, to be relevant, and in tune with current trends.

because the x factor judges aim if you are successful in the contest is to be able to market you onto a global market, so they will be working out what your niche will be and will they be able to fit you into one of the current niches or popular trends in music.

this is why it is important to not be too much individual, because the judges will say well, i do not think he or she fits in, or i don't know what we can do with them.

it is like when people sell houses in a way, you use neutral colours, and do not have the house so individual that anyone who looks at it, thinks i cannot see myself living in that house, it is not my style.

likewise, when you audition, if you are smartly dressed and neutral the judges, will think well we could put them here or put them there, they could fit in this particular niche, so the point i am making there is to have your individuality of course, but also blend yourself with some relaxed and smart presentation, like you would for a job interview.

and that is another important point one way you can look at your x factor audition is as of a job interview, because in a way that is what it is, and you know how it is important to go to a job interview dressed casual and smart, now i am not saying to go audition for the x factor in a shirt and tie, but that go in your smart but casual clothes though is the way to go.

so these are just some ideas, on the basics of auditioning, you need your songs to be well practiced, so that remembering the words of the songs you will sing on your audition is no problem for you, and you need to go to your audition smart casual to some degree as to project a clean image, and try to have in your audition and songs, that are something like current music and fashion trends as to be relevant for the judges.

another thing people wonder if they are eligible and can audition for the x factor uk 2016, because of the eu right to work, this means that people from the eu can audition it says this below on the x factor's rules:

"You must have the right to live and work in the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man or Republic of Ireland".

so on the uk border agency website it says that:

"As an EEA or Swiss national, you have the right to live and work in the UK (known as the 'right of residence') if:

you are working here (and have obtained our permission to work if this is required - see below); or
you can support yourself and your family in the UK without becoming an unreasonable burden on public funds."

so you do need to meet those requirements to stay in the uk, though if you just travelled to the uk to audition and then travelled back home, spain for example, that would be expensive, travel etc wise, and so you would not be living in the uk and just coming to audition so that would be a lot easier.

if you planned to stay in the uk between auditions then that would be more difficult and so you would need to meet the requirements of the border agency.

it would also be easier if you was coming to the uk to audition for the x factor and had friends and family to stay at.

so auditioning for the uk x factor when you are from one of these countries depends on your situation as to how easy or difficult it will all be, obviously if you decided to work and live in the uk that would take a lot of setting up and organising.

but if you was just day travelling that would be easier though expensive.

these are the countries that currently are in the European Economic Area (EEA) though some of these countries below have there own x factor contests in 2016 so it would be much easier to audition in the country you live in!.

Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Ireland, United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Liechtenstein, Czech Republic, Estonia, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania.

how do you audition for the x factor to get through stage 1, or at the least improve your chances of impressing the judges and giving yourself the best possible chance of progressing as far as possible in the competition?.

well there are some things you can do some obvious some not so obvious.

you can start by rehearsing your chosen song, that might sound obvious, but it is surprising how many people audition and get there chosen song wrong, so this just means they did not practice the song until they were confident and had no problem remembering the song and singing it in front of people.

also make sure to be proficient with at least 2 or 3 songs, in case the judges would rather you sing one of your other chosen songs, i think you need at least 4 or 5 songs when you go to audition, though the judges are usually happy that you sing, your first choice, it is rare for them to pick one of your last choices, but it does help your chances in case they do pick one of your other chosen songs that you know the words to the song and are relatively comfortable singing the song as well.

so with that all said when it comes to auditioning for the x factor you also need to be positive, and that is shown by having confidence (if you have practiced your song in front of other people then you will have more confidence).

also try and have a smart appearance and not be over the top, so be unique, but not so unique that the judges find you over the top, so this is all about pleasing the judges, so for your audition you might need to change your style a bit, even though it might not be your regular style, but to audition the judges do want to see people who are sort of smart and casual with there own style as well.

then also make sure you plan everything out before the actual audition day, and so you will be ready come the audition with everything you need, and you will not have any last minute panics, or things that need doing in a rush, so like travel arrangements, and what you will wear, etc, so plan in advance.

one way is to look at the audition as being similar to a job interview and so you need to prepare in a advance and be ready to present yourself as best as possible, preparation is one of the main keys to be ready and doing your best possible audition.


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