Friday, 17 July 2015

x factor uk 2016 versus the voice uk 2016 and strictly come dancing who will win?

x factor uk 2016 versus the voice uk 2016 and strictly come dancing 2016, the voice is in trouble because of its similarity to the x factor, but strictly come dancing is okay because it is not like the x factor and a totally different style of talent show.

this is to do with how the bbc spends licence fee money, and the criticism is that it cost the bbc £20 million to have the voice uk, but it is not really anything different then the x factor, and in that regard licence fee money could of been better spent.

whereas the strictly come dancing made better use of the licence fee money, because it was developed in house, and then sold over seas to make more returns and use of licence fee money to invest in more newer better programming.

but the government who put forward this green paper says it would be wrong for the government to decide what programmes the bbc makes, and that it should be up to the public to decide what programmes should continue for example in regards to the voice uk.

this does not look like it spells doom for the voice uk, what probably would do that more is just down to viewing figures while they stay high then people are voting with there eyes and tv viewing time, when the viewing figures drop for the voice uk, that will probably when it gets cancelled.

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